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The Content Management System tailor made to fit to your business

A different approach
LunarWeb has been developed from the ground up by Lunarvis to meet the online needs of your company. Imagine a website that you are in complete control of, one with the ability to grow with your business - imagine LunarWeb.

A "boxed off" solution is usually offered by website developers, which means every time you want to update your site you need to go back to the developer - almost always with your hand in your pocket. Here at Lunarvis we don't think that's a fair approach to take, which is why we created LunarWeb.

The Web as nature intended
The world wide web is all about communicating information and, in the context of your business, this information is ever changing, which is why it's so important that your website remains up to date.

Imagine being free to change your website whenever you wanted to, instantly, without having to return to the web developer (with cheque book in hand) and without technical knowledge - LunarWeb gives you this and more.

Whatever the information you want to publish, however you want to publish it, LunarWeb has got it covered.

Features List
We have developed LunarWeb's features to address the needs of your company:

  • Create website content with no technical knowledge - through secure administration area
  • Upload and automatically resize pictures - straight from your digital camera
  • Comprehensive News, Services, Products, Careers, Contacts and many more pages
  • Multi-lingual, multi-location - share content across or have locality specific content
  • Monitor searches on your website - find out what your customers are looking for
  • Mailing list - send emails to all your customers
  • Standards-compliant design - uses Cascading Style Sheets for design and layout
  • Bespoke add-ons - to suite your exact requirements
  • Plus many, many other features

To better appreciate LunarWeb and what it can do for your business, why not take a peak behind the scenes of this website with our live online demonstration (use 'test' as the username and password).